Chelsea Handler Reveals Bill Cosby May Have Attempted To 'Cosby' Her

The list of Bill Cosby's alleged victims keeps getting longer and longer.

According to an interview Chelsea Handler did with Esquire, it seems as if she narrowly avoided being added to the list.

Handler told the magazine both she and Cosby were doing standup in Atlantic City about 10 years ago.

They happened to be staying in the same hotel, and Cosby asked to see Handler in his room. Luckily, Handler took some precautions before meeting with Cosby.

She told Esquire,

I said, 'That's really weird. I don't want to go alone.' I go, 'I don't know him.' So the three guys I was with — thank God these guys were with me... I brought them up with me to his room and thank God I did, because now I know what would've happened if I went up there alone.

Handler also mentioned one of those guys she was with texted her about the situation recently.

He texted,

Do you remember that night we went up to, or that afternoon we went up to Bill Cosby's and you were so freaked out you made us come with you?... Hello! You could've been one of his victims if we weren't there.

It looks like Handler dodged that bullet. Meanwhile, Cosby is still a free man and a terrible human being (allegedly).

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