Charlie Sheen Spent Father's Day Bashing Denise Richards On Twitter

Charlie Sheen has never been in the running for Father of the Year, and on Father's Day, he continued to prove why.

Sheen took this Sunday to go on a crazy Twitter rant against his ex-wife Denise Richards.

Sheen spouted a lot of hate and vitriol toward Richards, and in one tweet, he called her the "worst mom alive."

He also posted an open letter expounding on his hatred for Richards, and you can read that here.

It's unclear what set Sheen off, but logic and reason are not things he seems to hold in particularly high esteem.

Though the tweets have since been deleted, they've been screenshotted so you can check them out below.

Sheen praised another one of his exes, Brooke Mueller, while taking shots at Richards.


What's this guy even talking about?


Somebody get the net!


Thankfully, Richards was able to rise above all this nonsense.


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