Petition For Chance The Rapper To Run For Mayor Of Chicago


Is this the beginning of Chance The Mayor?

Fans of the 23-year-old rap prodigy have started a petition to try to get Chance The Rapper to run for mayor of Chicago.

The campaign is called #Chano4Mayor and it asks the Coloring Book artist to go head-to-head with Rahm Emanuel in 2019 when he tries to secure a third term as mayor of the city.

Chano For Mayor

The open letter on the website reads,

Chano 4 mayor

The letter goes on to say,

Chano 4 Mayor

During Emanuel's tenure in office he has reportedly shut down six of Chicago's 12 mental health clinics, closed 50 public schools and the Department of Justice found the Chicago Police Department guilty of a pattern of civil rights violations.

Chance has become an advocate for trying to fix the problems destroying the city of Chicago and its residents. He recently persuaded the Chicago Bulls to donate $1 million to Chicago's public school system and frequently gives back to the community himself.

Chano 4 Mayor

Billboard reports there may be a little inner-family D~R~A~M~A as Chance's dad worked as Emanuel's chief of staff.

If Chance decides to actually run he already has a major celebrity endorsement thanks to Drake.

Sooooooo, how do we get Chance The Mayor to become an actual thing?

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