Cara Delevingne Is Still Posting Insane Photos From Burning Man

Days after Burning Mant ended, Cara Delevingne is still posting outrageous pictures from the festival on her Instagram.

Every year, thousands of people descend upon a random piece of desert in Nevada to partake in a full week of…. living without money and fending off dust?

I think that's what it is. I have no idea to be honest and getting and answer out of a burner who went about what it is is impossible. It's like asking Phish fans to describe Phish music or someone who REALLY likes the movie “Heat” to explain “Heat.”

It's like living in the heart of a smile under a canopy of sun. You just need to experience it, man.

It does seem super cool, though, and based off of Cara Delevingne's Burning Man photo dump I totally see myself making the trek out to “The Burn” (that seems like a cool thing Burning Man-goers would call it, right?) sometime soon.

How's this for a "Paper Town"?

It would also take a trip to the desert to get me to forget about being in "Suicide Squad" if I was Cara.

See ya next year at "The Burn," Cara!