Calvin Harris' New Song With Frank Ocean And Migos Is The Perfect Friday Jam

REX/ Shutterstock

The weekend is upon us, everyone! We did it -- we made it to Friday, and it's time to get psyched.

Luckily, Calvin Harris just released a new song that's sure to help you "slide" right into the weekend, and it's pretty much the ultimate Friday jam.

The new song is called "Slide," and it's a collaboration between Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos. In the words of Calvin Harris himself, it'll make you "feel fucking incredible."


I have to admit, he's right.

This song makes me feel like I'm riding along the West Coast in a freakin' convertible with the top down, sun shining in my face and the wind in my hair (sounds cliche AF, but it's true).

Harris started teasing the new tune earlier this week with Instagram posts and tweets that led to the big reveal, and his fans are happy to see him back in the spotlight.

OK, OK... let's get to the good part (aka the song).

Whether you're jamming in your bedroom getting ready for work, blasting it through your headphones while you're leaving the office or playing it during your Friday night pregame, this song will make you feel SO. DAMN. GOOD.

So far, Calvin Harris has only posted a clip of the song onto YouTube. But if you're a member of Spotify, iTunes or another streaming site that I'm unaware about, you can find it there.

For now, give it a quick listen -- I'm sure you'll be hooked.

See! Calvin did it again. Bravo, you musical genius, you.

The fact that Frank Ocean and Migos hopped on the track too makes the tune even better. They're pretty much a dream team when it comes to feel-good music that'll make you want to hit the dance floor.

Plus, the cover art of the single is making us think of the perfect summer day, and I think we're all in the mood for a reminder that warm weather is right around the corner.


Thanks, Calvin. This is the perfect tune to start my weekend with, and I'm definitely going to listen on repeat for at least the next three weeks.