Trans People Are Making Their Own Versions Of Caitlyn Jenner's VF Cover

Not long after the release of Caitlyn Jenner's famous Vanity Fair cover, the Internet erupted in important conversations about beauty, identity and what it means to be transgender.

Laverne Cox even joined in on the conversation, writing a powerful Tumblr post arguing against traditional cisnormative beauty standards and insisting all trans individuals are beautiful, regardless of appearance or dress.

Meanwhile, a movement was in the works.

After seeing Jenner's cover, Jenn Dolari tweeted, “Where's MY Vanity Fair cover?”

She realized, while it's incredible to have a trans woman cover a magazine, that woman is still, all things considered, a representation of the norm: traditionally feminine and womanly.

Rarely, she realized, are trans minorities ever represented in the media.

So she and her roommate, Crystal Frasier, created faux Vanity Fair covers using selfies and their chosen names.

Frasier explains,

It just sort of clicked that we hadn't seen many people care about minority trans women who don't fit a very set definition of attractive, or trans women from poor backgrounds who struggled with difficult transitions, or trans women who don't pass.

By showcasing their own covers, they have the ability to educate others on what other trans individuals can look like.

The goal is to show trans individuals come in a veritable rainbow of colors and a plethora of shapes, and all are equally beautiful and acceptable.

Other Tumblr users quickly picked up the #MyVanityFairCover trend.


Over a few days, the site became flooded with dozens of beautifully diverse images.


Many are coupled with intimate and powerful stories.


Both trans women and men participated in the inspirational movement...


...from the US to Australia and everywhere in between.


Each cover boasts a personalized "Call Me _____."


The covers represent trans individuals from all walks of life...


...from those who've officially transitioned to those who haven't.

#MyVanityFairCover https://t.co/cIbVtA7Mlu pic.twitter.com/SV7B7DyaZB — Connie Anne McEntee (@ConnieMcEntee) June 4, 2015

But there's one thing each unique cover has in common...


...each one is beautiful in its own perfect way.

trans people are everywhere #MyVanityFairCover pic.twitter.com/oCCDIgTX8T — levi // they (@boycotlife) June 4, 2015

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