Britney Spears And Ellen DeGeneres Took Over A Local Mall And It Was Hilarious


Holy crap, someone please give Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears a buddy-cop movie.

Embracing your celebrity status is incredibly hard. It involves reevaluating your life to that point, acknowledging you're now a greater force than you've ever been and harnessing that cultural relevancy to benefit your own goals.

AKA: Celebs can get cool crap all the time and get away with most crimes.

I don't know why Britney Spears never took advantage of her status but thank god Ellen DeGeneres is here to teach her how.

The duo decided to flex their powerful public muscles at some random mall in small-town America, and the result is absolutely perfect.

The whole video is perfect, but the highlight of it may be a small lecture given by Ellen to a bunch of parents where she sums up the importance of being a celebrity, saying,

We like to start people early to understand what is important in life and that is money and celebrity, kids. Parents I can't stress to you enough. The most important thing: Start auditioning them early. Start putting them on diets. Get facials, get massages.

Long story short: If you have a chance to become a celebrity, take it or Ellen will show up to your house and drag you to a mall somewhere.