Blake Lively Says Election Teach Daughters To Use Voice

It's finally happened! Blake Lively has made her first public appearance since giving birth to her second daughter in September of this year.

The 29-year-old mother-of-two made an appearance at L'Oréal Paris's Women of Worth celebration event on November 16, and she came prepared with advice for anyone -- specifically women -- struggling to find clarity out there following the recent presidential election results.

Blake Lively spoke to ELLE magazine on the red carpet and stressed the importance of using your voice to speak up and speak out during tough times like this.


When asked if she had any advice for her two young daughters or anyone else who might be discouraged to succeed after the election, Lively said,

Well, they don't understand anything yet so keep your hand out of the cookie jar right now is the advice. But you know, just to use your voice.

Lively went on to say that that the best way to combat hate, instead of getting angry, is to spread love.


She continued,

Don't let anybody silence you, ever, and it's about spreading love, you know? Because that's the easy thing to do right now, is to say—women, you get angry or you get upset or you get hurt and you want to lash out, but what we're combatting is hate. So it's about spreading love and using your voice.

Despite laying low following her most recent pregnancy, this isn't the first time Blake Lively has spoken out about the importance of women making their voices heard.

Throughout the election process, Lively has taken to social media to do her part.

Hopefully, her words can serve as strengthening advice to those in need as well as to her two daughters with husband Ryan Reynolds.

Lively added,

You just have to set an example, you know? It's so important. In times like this you can either curl up and be really depressed about the state of communities that are underserved, or you can set that example for your children. You just have to figure out how; that's the hardest thing. If somebody just had a playbook and they said, 'this is what do,' but it's about making that extra bit of effort.

Now she's got the right idea...

Whether you're young or old, male or female, never stop fighting for what you believe in, people!

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