Blac Chyna And Rob Celebrate Show Renewal


It must be nice to be showered in hundred dollar bills in the comfort of your own home, am I right?!

While we can only dream of such a scene, Blac Chyna is living it... all thanks to her fiancé and the renewal of their show, "Rob & Chyna."

In a series of Snapchat videos on Rob's account from Wednesday, December 14, Rob Kardashian films himself celebrating the show's renewal by throwing a ton of bills onto his baby mama while she sits on the couch.

The prankster starts his clip by giggling to himself and whispering "Chyna's about to be so mad at me."

Then, he sneaks up behind his fiancée while she's minding her own business in a Kardashian room decorated for Christmas, and nonchalantly throws a stack of bills at her.

At first, she seems startled and confused, saying, "Why would you do that?"

Then, it hits her: SHE'S COVERED IN BILLS, BABY.


After processing the reality of what's going on, she looks at him with the money in hand and says, "Is this all me?"

Yes, girl. That's all you. EMBRACE IT.

OK, she's obviously not mad anymore because shortly after the surprise, she starts making out with Rob while both of them are covered in the cash.

Did I mention "Starboy" by The Weeknd is playing in the background? Because it is, and this might as well be a scene straight out of an edgy Vegas movie. (Is there such a thing?)

We get it, though... you guys have a ton of money and you're happily in love... and you're both kind of adorable.


Apparently, the new season of their E! show will air in 2017 and last eight months. According to US Weekly, it'll include insights on the couple's wedding preparations, which we're all pretty psyched to see.

Jeff Olde, Programming & Development for EVP, allegedly spoke in an E! statement about the growing popularity of the couple, and said,

Rob and Chyna's romance struck such a chord with our viewers, who were engaged in their story even before we started filming the first season. We are excited to share the next chapter of their story.

We're excited, too. Bring on the drama, we'll be waiting!