Blac Chyna Used Kim And Kourtney's Doctor For Dream's Birth

Meet the man in charge of America's most famous group of vaginas.

When it came time to yank Dream Kardashian out of Blac Chyna's womb you better believe the Kardashians didn't hire some shlub off the street for the procedure.

They went with the best in town, and when it comes to getting the best treatment for your nay-nay in LA, you have to go with Dr. Paul Crane, Vagina Expert.

You can check out Dr. Crane Vagina Expert's name on the bottom of Dream's birth certificate, obtained by TMZ.

Don't worry guys. It's not weird we all have access to the sensitive personal information of a newborn.


This isn't the first time Dr. Crane Vagina Expert has had his hands around the Kardashian family's lady parts.

The West Hollywood doctor is a family favorite who was in charge of birthing Kourtney's and Kim's babies.

Here he is with Kim doing some downtown medical stuff.

You can see his face during this video of Kourtney giving birth to Mason.

He was reportedly the doctor Kris turned to when she needed expert help with her own lady bits and was the one Khloé allegedly went to when she thought she may have been pregnant.

If you do the math, that means Dr. Paul Crane Vagina Expert has seen every female member of the family's vaginas (assuming he birthed both Kendall and Kylie).

This is a move I like to call "The Ol' Kardashian-Jenner 6-Peat."

Here is how I imagine Paul Crane starts every conversation.


Nobody has ever pulled The Ol' Kardashian-Jenner 6-Peat off. Nobody who isn't a part of the family has probably ever even pulled a 3-Peat off.

If Dr. Paul Crane Vagina Expert doesn't have a plaque on the wall letting everyone know "I'm Dr. Paul Crane Vagina Expert and I've seen all possible Kardashian vaginas" then it's a wasted opportunity.