Birdman Allegedly Threw A Drink At Lil Wayne While He Was Performing

By Julian Sonny

Remember when Lil Wayne and Birdman were friends?

And I mean, really good friends.


Well, that was years ago, and Weezy is now suing Baby in an ugly lawsuit that will finally part him with Cash Money Records.

But things got even uglier last night at LIV Night Club Miami when Birdman reportedly threw a drink at Wayne while he performed.

According to reports, Birdman sent homies to throw water at Weezy while he was on stage, and this Instagram video captures the awkward moment after the incident when Wayne realized who was f*cking with him.

Birdman sends member of his entourage to throw water on Lil Wayne as he performed at Club Liv in Miami celebrating Jim Jones' bday — Yesenia Betty Boop (@YesiOnAir) July 13, 2015

Shout out to Lil Wayne for not wilding out and doing something he'd regret; we can clearly see who's more mature in this whole situation.

I guess Baby is still butthurt about something.

I just hope things don't escalate any further.

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