Bella Hadid Shows Off Nipple Piercing In Paper Cover Shoot

If you've grown tired of seeing Bella Hadid's' boobs over the past week or so, well, first of all, you're crazy. Bella Hadid's boobs are lovely.

And second of all, you're fresh out of luck.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show may be over, but Bella Hadid's boobs reign on, this time in her photo shoot for Paper magazine's winter issue.

The 20-year-old model went full blonde hair and bedazzled lips for this shoot, and I honestly barely recognize her.

And the real star of the show, was, let's be honest, Bella's nipple piercing.

I'mma just show you the censored version here so I don't get sued, but check out the article for the real, honest to God, metal spike in Bella Hadid's nipple.

I'm really digging this new look for Bella. I mean, I know that hair is a wig, but she should consider going blonde for real.

Like, here's an exact* reenactment of me seeing these photo for the first time:

DAMN, son, who's that blonde hottie with the affinity for Catholicism? Is that Jennifer Lawrence? Madonna? Gwen Stefani? WHAT? YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT'S BELLA HADID? NO FREAKING WAY!

*Some details embellished for dramatic effect.

I mean, c'mon look at this photo of Bella Hadid from the shoot:

Now look at this photo of Bella Hadid from the VS Fashion Show carpet:


It's not even just the hair thing — it's that this most recent photo shoot of Bella has so much personality.

No shade to Bella on the red carpet, but how about cracking an expression — any expression — once in a while, you know?

Bella is all too aware of this difference.

She told Paper she is eager to break out of the persona of the somber sister to Gigi Hadid's' bubbly charm.

She said,

People say that I don't smile, or that I don't have a personality.

...OK fair, I did just say that.

Can you blame me?

Point is, Bella looks great in this shoot.  Move over, Gigi, Bella's on your left!

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