Backstreet Boys Savagely Rejected Trump's Use Of 'I Want It That Way'


The Backstreet Boys weren't only my first concert... they were my first loves.

So the fact that they're pissed that someone like Donald Trump used their hit bop "I Want It That Way" makes me feel so relieved.

Imagine if today was the day I discovered that the five men that I loved more than anything in my childhood supported a bigot?

Tiny me would not be able to take such heartbreak.

TELL ME WHY... they don't support Trump?

Maybe it's the "grab them by the pussy" comment, maybe it's his xenophobic ideals, maybe they just don't like the orange hue of his skin...

It could be so many reasons, but the boy band, who will be taking up residency in Las Vegas, have joined the long list of musicians who don't want the Trump campaign using their music.

On Wednesday, there were reports that the loudspeakers at the Donald Trump rally in Ocala, Florida were playing "I Want It That Way" multiple times.

It was a new addition to the songs that Trump's campaign usually uses.

So is Trump a BSB fan or what? Do you think Kevin is his favorite? Nah, probably Nick, right? He is the youngest, and Trump likes 'em young.

The inclusion of their song did not please the Boys of the Backstreet.

Steven Trachtenbroit, the group's publicist, emailed The Daily Beast the following:

[The Backstreet Boys] did not approve this and we are not associated with the Trump camp.

It is reported that Trump creates these playlists himself, which is kind of hilarious.

Still, the lot of musicians who don't want him to use their songs are a bit out of luck.

There's nothing they can really do to stop him from using their songs. They can only release statements saying they are no way affiliated with Trump or his campaign.

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