Avril Lavigne And Ryan Cabrera Might Be Dating


Remember Ryan Cabrera? You know, the pop-rock artist who rocked your world with hits like "On the Way Down" and "True?"



Well, he might be dating Avril Lavigne. And don't worry, you're not the only one double-checking to see what year it is.

Rumors are swirling that 31-year-old Avril Lavigne and 34-year-old Ryan Cabrera are dating after the alleged couple was spotted kissing during a dinner date at STK in New York City.

TMZ reports that witnesses described Ryan and Avril to be "cozy" and "cuddly" as they occasionally shared a kiss.

I'll say it again... Ryan Cabrera and Avril Lavigne? Is it 2004 again OR f*cking WHAT?!

In addition to the juicy sighting, Cabrera has reportedly moved into Avril Lavigne's home as a result of his most recent breakup with ex-girlfriend Katie Krause.

As for Avril, well, she's dealing with her own life changes. The pop punk rocker and "sk8r girl" is in the process of divorcing her second husband, Chad Kroeger from Nickleback.

When Page Six contacted Cabrera's team regarding the ongoing dating rumors, his rep said,

While we appreciate the interest in Ryan's endeavors, at this time, we have no comment regarding TMZ's latest report about Ryan's personal life.

Well, it looks like Ryan and Avril are going to leave it up to the rest of us to see what their steamy new connection is all about.

In the same interview, Ryan spoke on the matter, saying,

Nowadays I tend to keep all love life stuff just completely separate just because you know how it is. You try to keep it private as much as you can.

I feel you, Ry. But just because you haven't dropped a hit single in ages doesn't mean you're not famous (hey, that kinda rhymes).

You're still crushing the mic, though!

We'll just have to see if this blast from the past actually evolves into a modern day love story.

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