Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel Singing 'High School Musical' Again Is Everything

by Mary Kate Hoban

It's been over 10 years since High School Musical premiered on Disney Channel, but the fascination, its pop cultural relevance, and its incredible ability to induce a wave of nostalgia for your own high school days (which probably involved a lot less singing) are as strong as ever.

Recently, Sharpay Evans, aka Ashley Tisdale, invited her on-screen twin brother, Ryan Evans, aka Lucas Grabeel, onto her YouTube show to perform a duet of "What I've Been Looking For."

First, let's all remember the original.

Tisdale,31, and Grabeel, 32, have come a long way since those days and were obviously excited to see each other and reminisce. "He's just the best singer out of all of us," Tisdale gushed of Grabeel.

And lucky for fans, Sharpay and Ryan still got it! Like, this performance is going to take you straight back to 2006 and give you all the feels.

Even better, though, is Tisdale and Grabeel's banter before they start singing. They reveal some juicy tidbits from those days of filming. For example, they didn't get along at first!

Tisdale shared,

All I remember is we were not close. We were not good friends. Let's be honest, OK? It's been 10 years, we can totally talk about this now. We hated each other. Like, I'm not kidding... I think we just didn't know each other and I think I was definitely a lot like Sharpay and it was like, Lucas, 'Who is this person?'... after we wrapped, though, I've always had a love for you. You're literally like my twin brother.

Grabeel summed it up well, saying,

Mr. Rogers had a great quote that said, 'You can learn to love anyone if you hear their story.' And I think that's what it took. We just needed to live some life and go through some experiences together and learn where both of us came from and... it happened.

Awwwww! They're still all in this together!

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