Ariel Winter Looks Totally Different In This Sexy Instagram

No, that isn't Marilyn Monroe, but she is giving her a run for her money.

Ariel Winter just posted a photo of herself to Instagram rocking a blonde wig and red lipstick -- but it's what she's wearing (or not wearing, rather) that people are noticing.

Winter sent out the photo, in which she's only wearing a black bodysuit, a sheer skirt and heels, to her followers.


We can ponder what the secret shoot is about, but we recently learned that the 18-year-old "Modern Family" star is single.

Single AF, in fact.

Winter has been outspoken about the importance of having a positive body image. She told ET,

I don't really think I'm telling myself, 'You should post this, you shouldn't post that,' I feel like I'm just having fun. Everybody is so hyped up on the fact that I post photos where my butt's out. It's a butt. Everyone has a butt. I don't think it's crazy. It's like, 'Let me live! I'm enjoying my life, you're enjoying your life, you should be posting your butt if you like it, too!'

We just have one question: who is she???


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