Ariel Winter Channeled Her Inner Elle Woods To Put On This Sexy Bodysuit

Ariel Winter is beautiful and famous, but that doesn't exempt her from weird leotard problems.

Weird leotard problems are universal, like finding long hairs in your butt crack after a shower or checking your Q-Tip to impress yourself with the juicy mountain of wax you pulled out of your ear.

When the 18-year-old “Modern Family” star climbed into a black bodysuit for a Rogue magazine shoot, she cited the famous bend-and-snap scene from “Legally Blonde” to properly encapsulate her struggle.

Tucked tightly into spandex, Ariel's range of motion was limited. She had stylist Tyler McDaniel snap her into the look.

Her makeup for the shoot featured a bold red lip and dramatic winged eyeliner.

Fans can take great comfort in the recent high school graduate's battle with bodysuits and love for Reese Witherspoon's 2001 girl power classic.

Lately, Ariel's brazen brand of body positivity has everyone championing her as the social media star to look out for.

Her body-shamers are our body-shamers. Her butt-cheek shorts are our butt-cheek shorts. Her fake scorpion tattoo is our fake scorpion tattoo.

All hail the new kween.

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