Ariana Grande's Grandmother Did Not Like Her Use Of Curse Words In Concert

by Hope Schreiber

It must be incredible to get to watch you granddaughter entertain a packed stadium with her talent.

That being said, the people who packed that stadium were there to see Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" tour kick off.

What you can expect from a Grande concert is a lot of fans screaming, loud music, provocative lyrics and dancing that may be considered sinful if you're a prude.

You probably knew this going in, but seeing it firsthand, like Ariana's 90-year-old grandmother Marjorie Grande did, may have been a surprise.

I don't know what's funnier. The side eye Nonna gave to Frankie, or how shocked she is by Ariana's performancepic.twitter.com/bR70GbzFqD — ♡ (@Knewagb) February 7, 2017

To be fair, I can't imagine my own 86-year-old grandmother enjoying this atmosphere much, either. It's loud, it's crowded, and it's probably way past her bedtime.

Plus, my grandmother doesn't like to go anywhere where the beer isn't cheap, so...

Grande's Nonna was the star of a lot of fans' Snapchats and tweets throughout the show, simply because she looked like she really didn't want to be there most of the time.

But every grandparent and parent has to go through this. Mine were forced to sit through years of my subpar musical performances and jazz band concerts in school.

Grande is probably a lot more entertaining though.

That said, I'm not going around dropping the F-bomb around my G-ma.

lmao nonna is shook and looks like she's ready to smack ariana for swearing pic.twitter.com/yTQLiHZXMq — ㅤ (@LiharaSummer) February 7, 2017

Nonna. Is. Shook. As. Hell.

Ariana and her Nonna are very close. The singer even posted photos of her and her grandmother taking part in the Women's March last month in matching fur coats.

Next time I see my grandma, I'll ask her,

Don't you know I ain't fucking with them good boys?


Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?

...And see how she takes it.

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