Ariana Grande's Dad Pulls A Total Dad Move, Comments On Big Sean's Photo

In spite of some recent rockiness, Big Sean and Ariana Grande are still a couple. So even though he is a famous rapper, Big Sean still has to deal with Grande's father.

As such, her father, Edward Butera, recently posted a comment on Big Sean's Instagram, making sure Sean's conduct with his daughter was pure.

Sean posted this photo of himself to Instagram with the caption: "I give her that D... #Detroit."

Butera then commented on the photo, writing "that D. better be Detroit Sean."

Big Sean gets 'G-CHECKED' by Ariana Grande's father for bragging about giving his daughter that "D".. Smh. pic.twitter.com/uZ5bVA3TqO — DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) April 16, 2015

You can't blame Butera for looking out for his little girl because chances are "that D" doesn't just stand for Detroit.