Adele Gets Wheeled On Stage In A Tiny Box



I have personally never gone to an Adele concert, but I can tell you it's probably life changing.

I one time heard a trailer for "Skyfall" that had her song in it, and it made me call my dad just to check in and say "hi." I can only imagine how much more powerful hearing the theme song from "Skyfall" is in person.

Getting Adele to the stage itself, though, is its own fun little journey, as it turns out -- seeing as she shows up to her concerts coffin-style.

The obvious question here.

Adele is what is in the box, apparently!

According to a source who spoke to The Sun,

Here is some other footage of her that I found on the web.

Here is her security guard testing the walls to make sure it's safe for Adele.

Here is Adele getting comfortable in her box, probably doing some vocal warmups.

This is that one time one of her assistants forgot Adele was in the box and was talking smack about her and Adele heard.

Mid-tour Adele got a new box after her old box got locked.

Here is a picture of her breaking in her new box.

Such a dynamic performer. It really is something else to see the methods she uses to get on stage and wow millions of people across the world.

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