10 Of The Most Painfully Awkward Oscars Moments

The 87th annual Academy Awards are over, but we're still reeling from all the action last night.

The Oscars are the biggest show of the year, culminating the award show season and boasting a VIP guest list rivaled only by a royal wedding.

Unlike other awards shows, the Oscars are serious business. Winning a gold statue can literally make your career, and it's a goal that even the most seasoned actors never reach.

In the midst of such carefully planned pomp and circumstance, it's rare to find those awkward and unplanned moments that throw a snag in the couture fabric of Hollywood's grandest night.

Yet, somehow, the stars never fail to give us something to talk about, and yesterday was no exception. Amidst all the glitz and glamour of the evening, there were several flubs, if you will.

So for a little post-Oscar amusement, here's a recap of all the most awkward moments from last night's ceremony:

1. When Melanie Griffith was asked if she's seen "Fifty Shades of Grey"

#Oscars2015: Dakota Johnson Snaps at Mom Melanie Griffith Over #50ShadesofGrey (Video) http://t.co/UNDj86Itqs pic.twitter.com/2iNOmCqVBm — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 23, 2015

While Melanie Griffith was the picture of support as her newly single daughter's date on the red carpet, she turned about as red as Dakota's dress when asked if she'd seen her daughter's new blockbuster film.

Those of us who contributed to "Fifty Shades'" $80 million opening weekend are intimately familiar with the finer details of Dakota's anatomy, as she spent the majority of the film naked. (PS: to the director, a little more Jamie next time wouldn't hurt!)

Needless to say, it was awkward for Melanie, as a mom, to think about watching her daughter partake in a BDSM film, and we can't exactly blame her.

2. When John Travolta caressed Idina Menzel's face

John Travolta blames Goldie Hawn for him mispronouncing Idina Menzel at last year's #Oscars. http://t.co/uDHY1E5Bs7 pic.twitter.com/1RqlZBTL0r — EntertainmentTonight (@etnow) February 23, 2015

Many were surprised to see John Travolta at the Oscars again this year; not because he looks like a scary, ageless version of himself, but because of his major screw-up last year when introducing Idina Menzel.

Last night, John's attempt at redemption failed horribly.

Many took to Twitter to accuse him of creepy face touching when he intently looked into a nervous Idina's eyes and held her face hostage on stage.

We'll see you next year John, maybe third time will be the charm.

3. When Terrence Howard was high? Drunk? Emotional?

Things got a little bizarre when Terrence Howard got emotional at the #Oscars2015: http://t.co/ZyL7Wx03qj pic.twitter.com/6KvT1rOx6O — JustJared.com (@JustJared) February 23, 2015

We wanted to give Terrence Howard the benefit of the doubt and claim he was emotional because he was introducing "Selma." But, when we realized he was introducing "The Imitation Game," what he was crying about was lost on us.

Likely, Howard just had one too many backstage, and the look of disappointment on Oprah's face said it all.

4. When Neil Patrick Harris smiled after all his jokes

Here are @ActuallyNPH's best and worst #Oscars jokes: http://t.co/eq2aVh8h9I pic.twitter.com/OfzfQJzxO7 — Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 23, 2015

Neil Patrick Harris has every reason to be smug and yesterday, it showed as he grinned from ear to ear following every successful punch line. He is clearly actor first, standup comedian second.

Hold your game face strong, Neil!

5. When "American Sniper" got snubbed

There was a point of narration yesterday when we heard that movies made $600 million last year, and $300 million of it came from "American Sniper."

Yet, the movie received just one award for sound editing.

That's awkward.

6. When Michael Keaton didn't win

While every now and then a new face like Jennifer Lawrence takes home Oscar gold, there is some degree of seniority that the Academy tends to recognize.

It was disappointing, then, to see long-time performer and Best Actor hopeful, Michael Keaton, get passed over for what was arguably the best role of his life.

7. When Kerry Washington tried to compliment Lara Spencer

I can barely contain my excitement over seeing @kerrywashington #Oscars #Gladiator pic.twitter.com/UVcRNK7vIS — Lara Spencer (@LaraSpencer) February 23, 2015

Not everyone knows how to react to flattery from Olivia Pope.

Lara Spencer paid Kerry Washington a compliment and Kerry Washington responded that Lara looked hot herself. The only thing a shocked Lara Spencer could say was, “right back at you!” Apparently, even news anchors can be at a loss for words when talking to Washington.

8. When Octavia Spencer got snarky about a box

Octavia Spencer keeping watch of Neils's Oscar winning predictions pic.twitter.com/1a75OowQUI — Screen Reels (@ScreenReels) February 23, 2015

Did anyone else notice Octavia's reluctance to watch Neil's Oscar prediction box?

As if it took some tremendous amount of effort on her part? It was so awkward, Neil even semi-apologized to Octavia at the end, thanking her for playing along.

What's up with that?

9. When everything was not awesome

ICYMI - The Oscars version of Everything Is Awesome was… well, awesome >> http://t.co/EfqHu6tJSM pic.twitter.com/Trucerp0z3 — MTV UK (@MTVUK) February 23, 2015

"The Lego Movie" was back in a big way at the show, when it brought the world to life on the Oscars stage, but reviews were mixed.

Everything was not awesome for Tegan and Sara, who, in addition to getting mixed feedback for their performance, got beat out by John Legend and Common for Best Original Song.

10. When Jesus blessed Patricia Arquette

Aka Jared Leto, but the resemblance was uncanny, as a bearded Leto hovered behind Arquette while she accepted a Best Supporting Actress award for her work in "Boyhood."

A picture of Leto blurred out in the background, supposedly “blessing” Arquette during her speech, went viral almost instantly.

And with that, another year of great cinema has come to a close. Until next year, stay weird.