Justin Bieber's Secret Talent Will Blow Your Mind
26 Celebrities With Secret Talents That'll Blow Your Mind

Can you eat an onion raw, because one celebrity can!

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Celebrities tend to be associated with a singular claim to fame. Actors are incredibly good at crying on cue, so they're famous for acting. Musical artists are really good at belting out bops on key, so they get their notoriety for that. Those winning traits are why they're famous, but have you ever considered they are just like their fans. By that, I mean they too possess strange, unique, or even humorous talents and hobbies? Some of Hollywood's faves are blessed with little-known talents that are just as impressive as the ones you already know about. These celebrities with secret talents will absolutely blow your mind.

What's almost as astonishing as these unique talents, is how some celebrities stumbled upon them. For some, it was through sheer boredom. Like, you'll never believe who learned how to sing with their mouth closed because they liked pretending they were stuck in a box as a child. Then, there are other celebrities who developed their impressive talent through an affinity for unique hobbies, like the mastery of nunchucks or dirt biking. In an alternative universe, these mind-blowing talents are probably how they make a living, but in this timeline, their secret talent is just part of a fun list for your entertainment.

Selena Gomez

This party-trick takes a great deal of eye-mouth coordination, and Gomez has got it. The singer can spit a wad of gum into the air and catch it in her mouth. Check it out at the 2:40-mark in the video above.

Taylor Swift

You might get a little grossed out, but this popstar is double-jointed and can put both her elbows in places they shouldn't go. Dare to watch at the 3:37 mark.

Gigi Hadid

Before she rocked the runway, Hadid rocked a microphone. She was a back-up singer on Josh Groban's 2007 Christmas album, Noel. Hadid and Groban even had a Twitter exchange in November 2014, commemorating her appearance on the album. Listen out for Hadid's sweet message at the 3:51 mark.

Ariana Grande

It's one thing to be an incredible singer, and it's another thing to be able to impersonate every other incredible singer on the planet. Grande is a world class musical impressionist, perfectly imitating Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and more while singing regularly on the late-night circuit.

Kendall Jenner

During "73 Questions" With Vogue, Kendall Jenner revealed she's more than a model. She's a bird whisperer, or chirper, rather. Watch at the 5:47 mark below.

Hailey Baldwin

This hidden talent pretty much makes Baldwin the life of any party. The model can open a bottle of beer with her teeth. Watch her do it at the 4:47 mark.

Justin Bieber

Bieber can solve a Rubik's cube in two minutes flat, and you better Belieb it. Watch at the 5:34 mark.

Camilla Cabello
Salty Facts/YouTube

The "Señorita" singer can do a lot more than roll her "Rs," she's got the unique ability to fold her tongue into a scallop shape thanks to a passive gene.


This triple-threat can sing, dance, and act, but nothing is more impressive than her strange ability to eat ice cream with her teeth. Watch Zendaya scarf down the cold dessert without so much as flinching in Vanity Fair's "Secret Talent Theater" video.

Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images

Walking in high heels on level ground is no easy feat, yet Rihanna somehow manages to walk on sewer grates in stilettos without so much as a stumble. This is either a secret talent or sorcery.


As a multifaceted artist that commands the stage with her incredible moves, it should come as no surprise that Beyoncé can move way more than her hips. She can cross her eyes, then shake them (while crossed), wiggle her ears, and flare her nostrils in two different places.

Niall Horan

If singing ever fails, Horan has a promising career as a dolphin impersonator.

Jessie J

Thanks to a wild imagination, as a child Jessie J used to pretend she was stuck in a box, and for that reason, could only sing with her mouth closed. Watch at the 1:35 mark.

Bella Thorne

Sorry to upstage the previously mentioned Cabello, but Thorne can take tongue tricks to the next level, creating really weird waves with hers at the 0:22-mark in the video above. Fun fact: She can also eat nine cups of jalapeño peppers straight, a whole lemon, including its rind, and an onion raw, as she demonstrated on a February 2015 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ed Sheeran

If you think it's impressive to fit a few marshmallows in your mouth, prepare to be amazed (or weirded out) by the 55 Maltesers Ed Sheeran can cram into his mouth at once. Watch at the 3:56 mark.

Cara Delevingne

Delevingne is a triple threat. She can act, model, and beatbox. Check out her incredible skillz below.

Daniel Radcliffe

Tongue twisters are hard, and rapping them is even harder, but Radcliffe does it with ease. It's like magic. Check him out rapping "Alphabet Aerobics" at the 1:00 mark.

Rebel Wilson

This actor is a ninja hiding in plain sight. Wilson is able to wield a pair of nunchucks like it's NBD. Watch her work her impressive moves at the 1:53 mark.

Dakota Johnson

Flossing reached new heights when Johnson showcased she could fit a whole lot more than dental floss between the gap in between her front teeth with Vanity Fair in February 2017.

Dr. Phil

Audiences are used to seeing this doctor and his no-nonsense talks with troubled guests and their families on his TV show. Turns out, Dr. Phil is no-nonsense on the road, too. He knows his way around a dirt bike. Watch Dr. Phil pop a wheelie at the 2:35 mark.

BTS’ Jin

Everyone knows Jin is amazing when it comes to singing, doing choreography, and playing guitar, but what fans may not know is he’s got a secret talent that involves snacks: He can open bags of chips with his feet. If you don’t believe me, see it happen for yourself at the start of the video above.

Margot Robbie

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016, Robbie revealed she’s an amateur tattoo artist who’s inked over 100 people. The actress said she started her side hustle spontaneously one day when she bought a tattoo device off eBay and began asking her friends to practice on them. Some of those included her Suicide Squad cast members, who all got “SKWAD” tattooed on them by Robbie. Watch her ink a staff member on The Graham Norton Show at the 4:00-mark in the video above.

Harry Styles

There’s nothing Harry Styles can’t do, and that includes juggling. After he delivered James Corden’s opening monologue during a May 2017 episode of The Late Late Show, he took over the show’s “Side Effects” segment, during which he showed off his secret talent. Check it out at the 3:15-mark in the video above.

Billie Eilish

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with being a celebrity, it’s no wonder Billie Eilish likes to wind down with a relaxing hobby like crocheting. She told Entertainment Tonight in September 2019 that she would crochet on her When We All Fall Asleep world tour whenever she had free time.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has a natural talent for voiceover work, and her husband, Prince Harry, wants everyone to know about it. In January 2020, a video surfaced of him speaking with Disney's then-CEO Bob Iger, and it sounded like he was praising the Duchess’ secret talent. “You know she does voice-overs?” Harry could be heard saying in the video, to which Iger responded, “Sure, we’d love to try.” After it came out that Markle landed a voiceover role in the Disney nature documentary Elephant in April 2020, there were rumors Harry was responsible for her getting the job. As it turns out, Markle booked the role all on her own!


Nothing can phase Jisoo. During an April 2019 appearance on The Late Late Show, the star wowed fans when she didn’t even blink while playing a game of “Flinch.” Meanwhile, the rest of BLACKPINK couldn’t help but get scared during the segment when Corden splattered them with fruit.

Now you know a little bit more about your favorite celebrities!

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