11 Times When The Cast Of 'Girls' Spoke Our Truth


Regardless of what social media tells us, life in your 20s isn't all boozing on rooftops and first-class trips to Thailand. (Really, though, can someone put an embargo on Instagram bragging? Thanks in advance.)

In reality, navigating this decade of life can feel a little bit like trying to get through an obstacle course in a blinding snowstorm with your hands tied behind your back while your peers point and laugh at you from the finish line.

If this comparison doesn't ring any bells for you, please do us a favor and let us in on your life secrets.

But if you are indeed in this thing, sometimes the best (and only) way to deal is to take comfort in the wise words of the ones who've come before us.

And some of the best quotes about life in your 20s come from the Millennial-extraordinaire cast of HBO's "Girls." Here are 11 times when they spoke our truth.

1. Marnie on being okay:

"I am okay. I may not seem okay, and I might not be okay now, but I'm, like, okay."

How can something so convoluted speak to us on such a deep level? Sometimes you just have to be okay with not being okay. Okay?

2. Hannah on realizing you're in control of your crazy:

“It's amazing to realize that I hold the keys to the prison that is my mind."

YES, Hannah, YES. The first step in breaking out of your self-imposed straightjacket is realizing that it is indeed self-imposed — and you're the only one with the power to unlock it.

3. Adam on letting that shit go:

“Don't waste time on guilt, Hannah. Holding on to toxic relationships is what keeps us from growing.”

Leave it to Adam to shed his fuckboy exterior for one shining moment and reel us all back in with a level of insight we always hoped existed beneath the surface. And even though he sounds a little like the opening line to a self-help yoga retreat, he's right AF.

4. Hannah on the beauty of friendship:

"I'm not interested in anything they have to say! That's not the point of friendship."

Anyone who's ever dabbled in the art of Female Friendship will relate to this one.

5. Ray on trying to be better:

“Why don't you place just one crumb of basic human compassion on this fat-free muffin of sociopathic attachment? See how it tastes.”

In a world that's as narcissistic as it is apathetic, Ray's unapologetic plea for self-improvement is desperately needed.

6. Shoshanna on ditching the toxic in her life:

“I can't be surrounded by your negativity while I'm trying to grow into a fully-formed woman.”

As people, we're literally always growing, no matter how old we are. And negativity only acts as a pesticide to the beautiful flowers that we're blossoming into. Cut this toxic stuff out of your life unless you're okay with withering up and dying before you even bloom.

7. Jessa on being a career woman:

“You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there every day, even on the days you don't feel like it.”

Hands down the worst part of any job is actually having to show up.

8. Hannah on life plans:

“I have work, then a dinner thing, and then I am busy trying to become who I am."

Isn't this all any of us are ever doing? Trying to figure out who we're supposed to be as people in the midst of paying rent and maintaining some semblance of a social life?

9. Jessa on living your best life:

“I am going to look 50 when I'm 30. I am going to be so fucking fat, like Nico, and you know why? That's because I'm going to be full of experiences.”

Monotony and normalcy have a tendency to get REAL old REAL fast and leave us craving more — more adventure, more risk and more experiences. Plus, looking haggard AF by the age of 30 is just the manifestation of "pics or it didn't happen," amiright?

10. Adam on intimacy:

"Really knowing someone is something else. It's a completely different thing and when it happens you won't be able to miss it.”

And here's our boy Adam again with the weirdly intelligent insight straight out of left field. He's right: Real intimacy is rare, it's a departure from what we thought we knew and it's unmistakable.

 11. Marnie on looking ahead:

“I just wish someone would tell me, like, 'This is how the rest of your life should look.'”

This thought definitely owns some permanent real estate in our psyches. Sometimes (okay, all the time) we'd give anything for someone else to take the wheel.