Bella Poarch's Twitter allegedly got hacked and started a feud with Cardi B that backfired

Bella Poarch Appeared To Diss Cardi On Twitter, And It Snowballed Fast

What a mess.

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Bella Poarch and Cardi B feuding was not on my 2022 bingo card, and yet, here we are. The “Build A B*tch” singer and TikTok icon, Bella Poarch, claimed she woke up to a feud she didn’t start on Aug. 12 — not intentionally, at least. On the release date of her Dolls EP, Poach’s Twitter caught a lot of surprised fans’ attention when she seemed to diss Cardi B, and naturally, Cardi was quick to clap back. Things only got messier from there, so here’s all the Cardi B and Bella Poarch Twitter drama explained.

The whole thing started in the replies to a @PopCrave tweet sharing the announcement of Poarch’s EP, Dolls. What should have been a celebration quickly turned into mayhem when Poarch’s account responded to the tweet, saying that her music is “better than any Cardi album.” Fans from both sides had a lot to say, but the loudest voice in the room was queen Cardi herself. Cardi caught the tweet before it inevitably got deleted and responded in the pettiest way she could — receipts. Her response tweet read: “Haha ..I got a better one” alongside screenshots of Poarch sliding into her DMs with fangirl admiration and proof of a mutual follow.

But Poarch quickly cleared up she’s not the one who posted that tweet. A few hours later, Poarch claimed her account had been hacked, and the hacker sent that Cardi diss: “Hey guys it’s Bella…I just woke up to this mess an hour ago and I’ve been working with Twitter to get back into my account. Someone hacked me while I was asleep but everything’s okay now,” she tweeted.

Poarch concluded her statement by apologizing to Cardi, but the situation got a bit more nuanced the next day.

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On Aug. 13, Cardi responded to the apology and shed even more light on what really happened. “Yesterday there was a rude tweet that my fan, that I follow... posted about this girl Bella Poarch and I replied to it and it caused a ruckus on social media,” she explained in a voice memo. The day after the whole mess unraveled, Cardi explained that Poarch’s team gave her a call to let her know that Poarch had stepped away from social media for a bit, so she wasn’t even online when that tweet was posted. Cardi continued to spill on the situation: “So she had like a, uh, social media manager that just, uh, do tweets and everything and he tweeted that because, you know, he thought it was funny [and] he thought it would get traction.” The plot thickens when Cardi revealed that the manager got immediately fired and she has no ill feelings for Poarch.

Poarch hasn’t responded to Cardi’s side of the story, so this looks like the end of the short-lived feud — but was it a hacker, or was it actually her social media manager? That’s for the fans to decide.