9 Lessons In Business That You Can Actually Learn From The Kardashians

by Jessica Wendroff
Getty Images

The Kardashians: You love them, hate them or want to f*ck them.

The family is definitely a three-ring circus, but its members also offer some worthy business lessons. After all, the Kardashians have been able to turn their 15 minutes of fame into 12 seasons of a show, plus several spin-offs. They could not have done this without some brains to go with those booties.

At first glance, their show has all the qualities of the reality TV show: There's cursing, argumentative cage matches between the sisters and drama, drama, drama. But if you dig a little deeper and silence the bells and whistles that keep audiences coming back for more, you can actually find some business pointers.

I present you with 9 business lessons from the Kardashians.

1. Take classes and educate yourself, even after college.

When the Kardashians get interested in something, they take classes on the subject.

Khloé took an acting class. Kourtney took a painting class. After someone trashed their DASH store, the older girls took self-defense and shooting classes in order to learn different ways to protect themselves from criminals. Kourtney even took a pregnancy survival-skills class when she wanted to learn about the safe ways to have sex while being pregnant. And when Prince booed Kim off-stage for not dancing at his concert, she took a dance class. Even little Kendall got a runway coach when she became interested in modeling. I could go on.

Want to learn something or improve your skills? Then get off your ass and do it! Because if the Kardashians can, so can you! (And their asses are probably a lot harder to move.)

2. Be organized.

Kourtney, Kim, Rob and Kris all have compulsive tendencies that they repeatedly mention and exhibit throughout their show. In one episode, Kim doesn't even want to throw a house-warming party because she's worried it will make a mess.

Their houses are always spotless, and their neatness is reflected in their business habits. When Kourtney shows Khloé the design schemes she worked up for her, they are very straight-forward and clean-cut. This is because of her refined organizational skills.

The Kardashians also use label makers. They mark everything, which means they are also able to do things quickly, because they always know where everything is. If you follow suit and are organized in the workplace, you too can successfully execute plans more efficiently and account for your expenses.

3. Dress to impress.

The Kardashians bare it all for photoshoots. But during business meetings, they cover up with neutral-colored blazers, slacks, pencil skirts and nude makeup.

In one episode, Kim demonstrates her support of this type of dress by sponsoring a charity that donates blazers and other professional wear for women to go on job interviews. This is a vital business lesson, because if you dress professionally, people are more likely to take you seriously and you're more likely to make more money -- or at the very least, secure your job.

4. Be on time.

Throughout the seasons, Kris Jenner always flips a sh*t if her family members are late.

Kris's kids have been trained to always be on time, which you can clearly see throughout the series when Khloé says things like "I'm never late; it's not me." In one episode, Scott Disick, Kourtney's now-ex, makes jokes to Kim's former lover, Kris Humphries, about how the Kardashian women freak out if someone is late.

This is another crucial lesson. A person who is always on time is reliable and dependable. People will trust that person more than they will someone else.

5. Follow through.

In one episode, Kim performed with the Pussycat Dolls. She was having trouble with her vision and feeling insecure, so she begged her mother to cancel her appearance. But Kris firmly said that she had a contract and couldn't go back on her word, because if she did, no one would hire her again.

The warning Kris gave Kim motivated her to immediately get LASIK and go through with her performance. But if Kim hadn't, she really may have not been hired again by that company, and word could have spread through the media grapevine that Kim was a flake.

The same rules that apply to Kim also apply to you. No matter how you're feeling at work, you still have to show up and continually prove that you can be counted on and trusted.

6. Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

The Kardashians have a knack for turning problems into cash cows. While people are laughing at them, they're laughing their way to the bank.

Kim was able to transform her leaked sex tape into $4.5 million. Instead of trying to cover it up, she decided to not only own her mistake, but make bank from it. More recently, she did the same when she turned a "bad habit" (of taking selfies) into a book!

Kris also turned her own leaking problem into a profit. When she developed bladder problems, Kris didn't hide it and instead became the poster woman for Poise Pads. It appears that Kim shares more with her mother than just DNA; the two also have the same business mindset.

The Kardashians are rarely fazed by problems. They don't focus on the injury; they focus on possibility, and they seek solutions instead of dwelling on the issue. There is always a blessing in disguise if you're willing to look at your problem from a different angle -- and hopefully that approach will boost your bank account.

7. Don't overbook yourself.

In one episode, Kris neglects her family when she decides to bite off more than she can chew. Viewers can see how Kris allowed her work life to corrupt her familial relationships. Eventually, Kris saw the error in her ways, realizing that she was not made of steel.

In another episode, Kim is overly exhausted from traveling, appearances and shoots. She can barely function because she took on too many assignments.

These two episodes reveal that putting too much pressure on yourself can hurt relationships with loved ones and cause a physical -- and even emotional -- breakdown. "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reminds us that it's great to be ambitious -- to a point.

8. Use social media to your advantage.

Whenever the Kardashian girls have a new line, product, app, or episode, they tweet, Instagram, and use other social media platforms to promote their products. Similarly, when you're looking for a job, employers like to see that you're trying to grab their attention in unique ways.

So, depending on the company you're applying to work for, tweet at them or do whatever it takes to promote yourself. You can also use social media to promote your brand, blog, or any other projects you are working on.

9. Act professional -- no matter what.

In the workplace, things happen. Your personal life might get rocky. But no matter what is going on with you outside of work, you cannot let it show. From nine to five (or whatever your working hours are), you have to find a way to keep it together and play it cool.

Kim did this after someone poured flour all over her during an interview. She might have been upset and mad, but the interviewers couldn't tell at all. Instead of telling off the person who flour-bombed her or bursting into tears, she took a minute to literally brush it off and compose herself. Then, she returned to finish what she started.

She laughed it off in the interviews and kept it moving -- just as we should all do regardless of whatever life throws at us---even if that is a cooking ingredient.