5 Burning Questions We Have After That Epic 'American Gods' Finale

by Dylan Kickham

Easter came at little late this year on American Gods, and it left the frilly bonnets and colored eggs behind. The dazzling religious sci-fi series wrapped its first season on Sunday with a finale that has us on the edge of our seats for Season 2.

In the last moments of the premiere season, we finally learn who Mr. Wednesday really is (spoiler alert: he's a pretty big deal), and watch him team up with Easter (Kristin Chenoweth) to make a big move against the New Gods.

And of course, there's still a lot going on with Laura, Shadow, and everyone else. Here are the questions we'll be ruminating on until American Gods returns for a second season:

How will the New Gods strike back after Wednesday's attack?


Though it's clear Wednesday has been preparing for a war with the New Gods (Technology Boy, Media, and Mr. World), the adversaries have only really exchanged words with each other throughout the first season. That finally changed in the finale, when Wednesday summons a bolt of lightning to strike at them.

Before vanishing, Mr. World promises this means war. It sounds like the New Gods are finally done trying to convince Wednesday and Shadow to come to their side, and are ready to start attacking.

So what will these attacks from Technology Boy, Media, and Mr. World look like? And will there be more New Gods that come up against Wednesday next season?

How will Shadow react to Wednesday's big reveal?


Shadow Moon has spent the bulk of Season 1 in a state of utter confusion as Wednesday slowly welcomes him into the world of the Gods. One of the biggest mysteries for Shadow has been who Wednesday really is, and in the finale, he finally finds out that the man he's been working for is actually the Norse god Odin.

After Odin displays his thunderous power, Shadow finally admits he fully believes everything that is happening and is done questioning the strange things going on. But could Shadow's newfound absolute belief in Odin really last?

Will Laura confront Wednesday?


Though Wednesday and Easter have the flashiest moments of the finale, the last scene of the season belongs to Shadow's reincarnated wife Laura.

Earlier in the episode, Laura finds out she was actually killed by Wednesday, and then she finally comes face to face with him and Shadow in the last moment of the season. Knowing how brash Laura is, it seems likely she'll be giving Wednesday a piece of her mind. And then some.

What is at the House on the Rock?


American Gods is secretly a road trip drama, but our characters still have not reached their destination at the end of Season 1. Wednesday and Mad Sweeney have both been trying to get to Wisconsin throughout the season, but we still don't know why.

In the finale, we get a more specific location, as we see Bilquis (AKA the Queen of Sheba) on a bus heading for the Wisconsin tourist attraction the House on the Rock. Book-readers know that an instrumental moment will take place there, and it's something for viewers to look forward to next season.

What is Shadow's importance?


Maybe the biggest question of the first season is why this random ex-con is so important to all these gods. We see the New Gods trying to seduce him to their side numerous times, and the Old Gods that he meets seem to be impressed by him for some reason.

What's really going on here? Why does Wednesday really need Shadow around? This is a question that might take more than a couple seasons to finally get to the bottom of.