Here's What Buckwheat From 'The Little Rascals' Looks Like Today

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Hey, you guys remember "The Little Rascals," right? You know, the movie with all the rascals who were really little?

Well, if you do, I'm here to tell you that means you are OLD. That movie came out in 1994! That's over 20 years ago! WTF?!

And you know what happens to child actors from movies that came out over 20 years ago, right? THEY TURN INTO ADULTS! I mean, what's that about?

Take, for instance, little Buckwheat, played by Ross Bagley.

Remember him? With his awesome hair and adorable, little smile?

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Remember the cute way he mispronounced "OK"?


Remember those big eyes and chubby, little cheeks?

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Well, NEWSFLASH, PEOPLE! That cute little kid is now a FULL-GROWN MAN!

He does FULL-GROWN-MAN things, like raising a child!

Sorry, guys, Buckwheat drinks alcohol. The innocence of your childhood is over.

Though, apparently, he hangs with Bug Hall sometimes, aka Alfalfa, so maybe our childhoods aren't dead after all.

And OK, his eyes are still pretty big and adorable.

Ohtay, ohtay, lookin' good, Buckwheat! I forgive you for growing up and making me feel old, I guess.