ARMYs Are Not OK After Watching BTS Walk In The Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

How can seven humans look that unreal?

Make way for the new fashion mavens in town! After BTS hit the runway at Louis Vuitton’s fall 2021 collection unveiling, ARMYS are flipping out over their fierce fashion looks. The guys are all about making music first and foremost, but they may have missed their calling as models. BTS' Louis Vuitton fashion show debut has everyone talking, and they’re only saying good things.

BTS is an official brand ambassador for the luxury fashion brand, so it was expected they’d rep the new collection. But it wasn’t expected they’d literally walk in the fashion show, and fans were loving the footage. The septet hit the runway in Seoul to represent Virgil Abloh’s latest designs. Abloh said the collection is a “spinoff” of his previously released collection from January 2021, but BTS definitely gave it new life. The Seoul installment showed the guys in a large, lit-up skyscraper with ramps that served as their “runway.” Sporting Louis Vuitton hats, jackets, sunglasses, tote bags, and more, the bandmates’ big debut had fans chattering non-stop.

You can watch the full fashion show featuring BTS below.

After witnessing the BTS x Louis Vuitton fashion show, ARMYs could not stop raving about it. “This fashion show film is the most dramatic thing I have ever seen BTS in and I love it,” one fan tweeted.

“I knew I needed BTS in a fashion show but I never thought about what it would do to me spiritually mentally and physically,” another tweet read.

It was an iconic moment for the band and the brand, to say the least. “WHY BTS OUTDOING OTHER FASHION SHOWS LIKE THIS… THIS IS SICKENING,” one person wrote.

Louis Vuitton first announced BTS as their brand ambassador in April 2021. "@bts_bighit are recognized for their uplifting messages that impart a positive influence," the brand tweeted at the time. After their massively successful runway debut, the band is taking their ambassador role to new heights.