You'll Never Unsee James Corden Dressed Like Bruno Mars On 'Carpool Karaoke'


It's official: James Corden has the mancrush to end all mancrushes on Bruno Mars.

And I don't blame him -- just writing that name gave me the chills.

The lyrical genius sat in the hot seat for Corden's latest "Carpool Karaoke" segment.

Bruno arrived wearing a punchy shirt, good chain, aviators and a pinky ring. He looked like a character from Miami Vice, but Corden couldn't get enough of his get up.


He told Bruno,

It seems like you're in a great mood. I've got to say, if I was wearing that level of silk I'd be happy too. If I dressed like that every day I'd be over the moon. I've got no chance -- no chance. If I wore that I'd look like I'm having a breakdown.

Then he gets out a terrible gold hat and rocks to some tunes with Bruno, who wears an actual pimp hat with one of those massive feathers.

The duo discussed everything from romance to weight loss. Corden asked if Bruno's planning to let himself go eventually, and his answer was more than refreshing.


Corden said,

Is there ever going to be a time when you go to town on the burgers and the pies?

Bruno replied,

If that doesn't happen then I haven't made it.

They even had time to come up with a name for Bruno's new album: Wine And Wet Wipes.


Corden asked what Bruno commonly asks for when he's on tour, to which he replied,

Booze and water. Wet wipes.

Corden joked,

That's it? Wine and wet wipes. Because if I'm going home with some wine and some wet wipes that is a tragic evening for me that ends in me crying.

This carpool had more singing than average and I'm totally backing these guys to be the biggest duet of 2017.