The 'Broad City' Girls Take Stephen Colbert On A Rainbow Bagel Acid Trip

"Broad City" girls Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer stopped by "The Late Show" to blow Stephen Colbert's mind... with bagels.

Believe it or not, Stephen Colbert has never tried a famous rainbow bagel. Abbi and Ilana served as the perfect spirit guides, prepping Colbert's expectations beforehand with the question, "Do you wear lip gloss?"

When he responds "no" (ha, whatever you say, Stephen), Abbi explains eating a rainbow bagel kind of tastes like "chewing up a lip gloss." They then proceed to go on a full-blown acid trip complete with dancing bagels and carbalicious demons.

Watch the clip below to experience the magical journey for yourself, and don't forget to catch the "Broad City" season three premiere on February 17 on Comedy Central.

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