Brendan Dassey's Brother Just Released A Rap About 'Making A Murderer'

Guys, GUYS, EVERYBODY! I swear to fahkin' God this is a rap song released by Brendan Dassey's brother called “They Didn't Do It.” YOU'RE WELCOME.

To answer your two immediate questions, no, I'm not lying; this is a real song that was really truly honest to god-ly released by Brendan's brother, Brad, as a protest to the rulings following the death of Teresa Halbach as chronicled in "Making a Murderer," according to Vulture.

This isn't a parody song some jamoke made online trying to get his SoundCloud career off the ground. This is an actual attempt to sway the Wisconsin justice system through the power of phat beatz and phresh lyrics.

And to answer your second question, yes, it is as glorious as you expect it to be.

Honestly, if this song doesn't get him out of jail, I don't know what will.

Feel free to go back and listen to this song seven or eight times. You deserve it. We all deserve it, and I mean, how could you not with lyrics like,

He's suspicious/She's suspicious/Everybody think these two just did it.


Ran to Minnesota/Give the guy a soda.


Not a fair trial/Not a fair game/Whole thing's whack/Just a lyin' shame.


Everything just a sham/Log, boom, bam.

Dope. Unlike the Manitowoc County justice system, which is not dope.

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