Bradley Cooper Gets Plumber's Crack Too, World Rejoices (Video)

Ya gotta give it to celebrities: When it comes to paparazzi, keeping your cool is a tough feat.

We've seen stars lose it in front of the cameras more than a few times, and it's hard to imagine what it's like to be in their shoes, having their every move watched by a stranger.

Bradley Cooper is one A-list celeb who's all-too-familiar with how up-close and personal the paps can get.

During a recent interview with Sienna Miller on "The Graham Norton Show," a UK-based celebrity and entertainment talk show, Cooper recounted one special moment he shared with a paparazzi who snapped a photo of his bare butt.


He explains,

This was a couple years ago, but I do remember being outside. I lived in this little house in Venice ... The front door just opened right to the street. And I was putting my dog, I think, in the back of the truck or something ... I bent down ... And you could hear the click [of the camera] ... And I thought ... 'Oh, I think my ass is hanging out.'

He doesn't seem too upset about it. And, honestly, we're not either.

Catch the full interview in the video above.