You Can Live Like Cory From 'Boy Meets World' By Buying His House


Listen, look away if this is going to break your heart like it did mine.

I know, I know. This is television -- you can't always believe what you see. But as a proud owner of every single "Boy Meets World" episode, I have to admit...

I was bummed when I found out that the exterior shots of the Matthews' household did not match the interior shots.

The interior shots of my favorite TGIF show were shot in a studio, while the exterior was a real home in Los Angeles and not, as I was led to believe to as a child, in Philadelphia.

Have I ever wanted to live in Philadelphia? NO!

Did I want a life and love that resembled Cory and Topanga's?

*Holding back tears.* No... *Breaks down crying.*

But I guess this is the best of both worlds. Now, I don't have to live in Philadelphia, and I can still live in the house that Cory Matthews grew up in.

The house that served as the home of the greatest TV family of all time is a two-bedroom, two-bath in Studio City, Los Angeles, and it is for sale.

It is listed as a "private gated celebrity estate."


Sure, it's not the same as what we saw on television. In fact, the interior always seemed greatly larger than what those exterior shots would suggest...

Oh, god, is this where my high expectations came from?! For love and real estate?!


I guess I could pretend to be a curly-haired youth here, learning from my neighbor/teacher/principal while I try to play basketball.


And I GUESS I could imagine watching the love of my life draw a circle around her face in lipstick as she performs a weird poem.

But uh... $1,595,000 may be too steep for me. I will just have to re-watch the series another thousand times to get over it.

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