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7-Year-Old Watches 'Stars Wars' For First Time, And It's Way Too Adorable (Video)

This is a super cute video about how having kids sucks.

Let's get one thing very clear: Until kids learn to stop talking, they should not be taken to movie viewings. They just shouldn't.

Nothing ruins a viewing experience more than constantly hearing a squeaky smaller version of yourself ask pointless questions that will be answered in 30 seconds if he or she would just wait for the movie to naturally answer them.

“Star Wars” is meant to be enjoyed quietly with the occasional, “OOOOOOOO! OOOOO! NOOOO!” or, “ WAIT! DON'T! AHHHHHH! YES! YESSSS!!!” being muttered. Aside from those two things or maybe yelling, “IN YOUR GODDAMN FACE, JABBA,” you are to remain perfectly silent while watching "Star Wars" in order to get the full experience.

The only way to enjoy George Lucas' epic space opera is if kids are in a galaxy far, far away... or at least in the den, or living room or something.

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