Are 'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars Danille L. & Dean Back Together? Her Recent IG Has Fans Confused

by Billy Lorusso

Well, guys, if you thought you couldn't be any more confused by the game of ping-pong that went on between Dean, Kristina, and D-Lo on Bachelor in Paradise this past season, then you were sorely mistaken. For weeks we all watched Dean make an *ss out of himself by flip-flopping between the two beautiful bachelorettes in paradise, and on After Paradise, it finally seemed like both girls were fed up with his games and over him. Obviously not though, because Danielle's latest Instagram picture has all of us wondering if Dean and Danielle L. are back together.

That's right, after Dean's time in the hot seat with Chris Harrison during the reunion special, it seemed as though both Kristina and D-Lo were done with the f*ckboy bachelor for good; D-Lo took us all by surprise though when, barely a day after the final episode, she uploaded a picture of her and Dean looking verrrrry cozy with one another. I wish I could say I was even a little surprised, but, let's be real, this is Bachelor universe we're talking about, and stranger sh*t has happened. The picture, which features the two of them snuggled up and kissing, makes it seem like they might still be dating post-paradise, but who really knows.

D-Lo captioned the photo with a very long, heartfelt message to her fans; as personal and emotional as it is, the caption doesn't really say whether or not Dean and D-Lo are currently an item. It reads,

I've always been criticized and ridiculed for my looks. Making me work ten times harder to prove that my success comes from my ethics and not my physical appearance. I've held several jobs at once, bought my first car when I was 17, and opened my first business at 23 years old. It's heartbreaking and disappointing to see how my relationship was depicted as something only surface level. Dean and I's connection was so much deeper. Call us kindred spirits or free souls...our outlook on life and love was similar (or so I thought). However, just because I am looking for someone to "have fun with", explore the world, and try new things, does not mean that I don't want monogamy. Marriage is something that will happen when the right person comes into my life but I am not placing a time restraint on that. We have a tendency to become defensive when we see someone physically in pain, but just because they never showed me crying or being upset doesn't mean that I wasn't. This show was one of the most challenging, emotionally trying experiences I have endured. Looking back, I never spoke negatively about anyone else. I never told Dean how he should feel or who he should choose. I wouldn't change anything, all I can do is learn from it and move forward. There are so many other things that we can be investing our time and energy into - things that can improve and change the world. So please be respectful towards everyone ❤️ Spread more love, less hate.

If Dean and D-Lo are an item, then I have to say I'm a little shocked and totally confused. The way the bachelor treated D-Lo during the finale episode was unfair, and pretty much showed how unready for a real relationship he is... but I guess the heart wants what it wants in their case. If they are together, we wish them the best.

All I know for sure is I'm still #TeamKristina. Hopefully, we'll get to see the beautiful, Russian bachelorette again either in paradise or as the next Bachelorette. Keeping my fingers crossed until then.

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