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Billie Eilish Slammed Texas' Abortion Laws While Performing In Austin

"My body, my f*cking choice!"

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since Texas implemented its new, restrictive abortion law on Sept. 1, countless celebrities have spoken out against the ruling, including Billie Eilish, who criticized men on social media who “say nothing” about women’s reproductive rights. On Saturday, Oct. 2, Eilish called out Texas' abortion laws in person during her performance at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and what she had to say was so important.

At one point during her concert, Eilish admitted she thought about backing out of her performance due to the state’s recent legislation. “When they made that sh*t a law, I almost didn’t want to do the show because I wanted to punish this f*cking place for allowing that to happen here,” Eilish said. “But then I remembered that it’s you guys that are the f*ckin’ victims, and you deserve everything in the world. And we need to tell them to shut the f*ck up.”

Eilish then raised her middle finger and encouraged the crowd to do the same while shouting, “My body, my f*cking choice!”

See the whole thing go down below.

Eilish was referring to Texas’ new law that bans abortions after six weeks of conception, which is before many people even realize they’re pregnant or have missed a period. The law also allows Texans to sue anyone who helps someone access an abortion.

Just days after the legislation was implemented on Sept. 1, Eilish called out men who’ve failed to support women by not speaking out against the ban. "I really wish men cared more," the star wrote in a Sep. 3 IG Story. "I'm so f*cking tired. Makes me sick how many men say nothing when it comes to women's rights." The 19-year-old star also shared an image on her Story that read, “If you and your 'homies' or bros' aren't talking about the abortion laws in Texas, chances are you're part of a problem."

With her latest speech at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Eilish continues to be one of the loudest celebrity advocates for women’s reproductive rights.