'Pretty Little Liars': Why Fans Are Upset Over The 'Reveal' Of A

After five years, over 120 episodes, a million cryptic texts, creepy clues, a handful of deaths and a lot of stress on my mental state, we were finally told who has been torturing the fabulous foursome of Rosewood on "Pretty Little Liars."

Or, were we?

Last night, I sat anxiously staring at the TV, hunched like a predator lying in wait. I had been waiting for weeks for this episode. I was finally going to find out who was trying to ruin my life and I wanted to know if my theory was correct.

I had spent every Tuesday night theorizing with my friends after we watched, and I was convinced I was correct. But, the finale was a total letdown.

We were promised a face to the faceless, black-hooded, black-gloved person. We were told it was someone from a very small pool of candidates. We were told we would be satisfied and happy with the reveal.

I would like to talk to the few people watching who were happy with the finale episode of "PLL."

(Warning: Spoilers to come.)

The episode started out great. The girls were kidnapped by A (bombshell #1) on their way to prison for being accessories to Mona’s murder.

When they woke up, they were in their rooms, only it was a very strange version of their rooms and they were still in their jumpsuits. We soon discover they have been placed in the creepiest, real-life dollhouse around.

They are instructed to follow the lighted path over a PA system and their doors open.

Here’s when I first started freaking out; that voice sounded freakishly like Mona. You know, the girl who died months before because she was double-crossed by Big A.

As they walked into another living room looking freakishly like Ali’s, they see “Ali” playing the piano.

Only when she pulls off the mask, it's Mona, alive and well (bombshell #2). Mona is convinced she’s Alison, things get all freaky, and nothing makes sense.

The group goes to a “game room” that looks weirdly like a séance room, and they’re told to play Mystery Date. Hanna flips out and the group finally decides to take on A and get the hell out of there. Mona tells them, in the dead of night, there’s no way to get out.

So many questions, right?

While this is going on, Caleb, Ezra and Toby (who finally realized he had to help them on this side of the law) are searching for clues as to where the girls might be. Spencer’s parents come and talk to them, and they are told A never stopped with Mona.

Somehow, they’re surprised.

Are you nuts? There have been so many problems and unexplained behavior, and you’re just now thinking maybe you should have seen the signs? Ugh. As Will Smith so eloquently once said, “Parents just don’t understand.”

As the search for the girls continues, they are stuck in the creepy dollhouse, and set to relive the prom that Jason, Melissa and Ian attended some years before. Spencer, being the ever-clever little lady she is, thinks up a way to shut off the electricity with decorations, and they are set to task.

If they can just shut the power off, they can escape. But, this is "Pretty Little Liars," my friends. Nothing is ever that easy.

When the girls are running, Spencer is weirdly not running with them and, instead, finds herself in another room of the dollhouse.

Music starts playing and the lights go on. Spencer sees a projector and turns it on to see two little boys running around Mrs. DiLaurentis and her telling them to say hi to their baby sister.

The place in the video is where the A lair has finally been found by Tanner, along with the truck where the girls were taken from. While the video is running, A walks up behind Spencer; she knows his name is Charles.

Charles disappears before anything can be said. The girls run out, only to realize they’re still trapped and have no way of leaving.

And, that was it. THE END.

It was the most irritating episode of the show, and that is saying something. It gave us more questions than answers.

Why didn’t we see his face? Who is Charles? If we have met or seen him before, don’t you think we would have known? Or, is it someone we know (like Wren or Lucas), and are just being misled?

What does Andrew have to do with this since he was hacking phones and listening to Mrs. Hastings’ call to Melissa? Does his family own the Campbell farm A was using as his lair?

It was a disappointing episode, to say the least. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many “I hate this stupid show” texts in my life, and I watch "Game of Thrones."

They revealed almost nothing other than A is, in fact, a guy and he is, in some way, tied to the DiLaurentis family very tightly (bombshell #3).

Where has he been all of this time? Who is he? Is he Jason’s twin? The questions I am left pondering until June are piling up and confusing me more than they are helping me to figure things out.

As we find out more about Charles and his motivations for taking over the game for Mona, maybe we will finally find every last secret from Rosewood.

It was announced that the show will be experiencing a time jump at some point next season, and we will see the girls once they have come back from college.

Will A have been found out? Will he fall into the shadows for a few years, allow them to enjoy college and send a text when they least expect it?

After five years of waiting, many fans were let down.

The Internet exploded with hate and sadness and protestations of, “I’m never watching this show again!” Although we were let down and left more confused than before, we are constantly left shocked and ready for more.

Isn’t that what this show is all about?

See you in June, Liars!