This Fan Theory About Jane On 'Big Little Lies' Will Actually Blow Your Mind

by Anna Menta

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the first six episodes of "Big Little Lies." If you choose to continue reading anyways, you are not allowed to yell at me in the comments for spoilers.

If you're like me, you're currently counting down the minutes to the season finale of "Big Little Lies" so you can finally get some damn answers on who got murdered and who did the murdering.

(Yes, I know I could read the book, but who has time for that! What do I look like, some kind of nerd who reads?)

So when I read this new fan theory on Reddit about Jane and Perry, my mind was pretty blown. In retrospect, it seems so obvious and I feel a little dumb for not thinking of it myself. (Maybe I should try this reading thing sometime.)

So the theory is that Perry is Jane's rapist. And if you think about it, it fits perfectly.

We know Jane (aka Shailene Woodley) got pregnant with her son, Ziggy, via sexual assault.


We also know Celeste (aka Nicole Kidman) has an abusive, sexually aggressive husband.

We don't see Jane's rapist's face in the flashbacks, but his build is similar to Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Perry.


We further know that Perry travels for work all the time, so it seems likely he could have been in Jane's neck of the woods a few years back.


And, let's be honest, Perry is probably cheating on Celeste.

Jane describes her rapist as incredibly sweet at first, and then suddenly aggressive and controlling when they got physical.


Which sounds a lot like Celeste's experience with Perry.


So, what does this mean?

By sheer coincidence, it seems Jane hasn't met Perry yet, but that will probably change at the infamous trivia night.

So it could mean the murder that happens in the finale this Sunday is Jane finally killing her rapist like she's dreamed about: Perry.

Or maybe Jane attempts to kill Perry, but someone else ends up dead. (Madeline?)

Or maybe something else entirely happens — we'll find out this Sunday at 9 pm on HBO.