Beyoncé's Dad Is Going To Teach People How To Be Stars Like Queen Bey

by Gillian Fuller

Mathew Knowles is milking the money-making machine that is his daughter for every penny it's worth.

On Saturday, October 24, the famous father will be hosting a one-day workshop to teach Hollywood hopefuls everything they need to know to get Beyoncé-level famous.

And he's charging $200 for it ($300 for VIP tickets).

Attendees at the Houston event will learn marketing tactics, networking skills and more, from the man who helped Queen B go from an unknown girl-band member to arguably the most famous woman in the world.

While Bey will not be making an appearance at the event, Papa Knowles promises other celebs will be in attendance.

Though the event sounds cool in theory, I can't imagine there's that much Mathew could teach that would actually help anybody become famous.

Stars aren't made; they're born  —  and if you don't have what it takes, eight hours with Beyoncé's pops isn't going to change that.

What eight hours with Beyoncé's dad will do, however, is give you a pretty solid story to tell at parties for at least the next few months. Whether or not that privilege is worth $300 is entirely your call.

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