This 3-Year-Old Absolutely Slayed At Her Epic Beyoncé-Themed Birthday Party

YO, Beyoncé, SUP? I think I just found your biggest fan, so I suggest you listen up.

Her name is Raegan, and she's probably the most adorable toddler I've ever seen. On top of that, she's also a diehard Beyoncé fan. The girl is only 3 YEARS OLD and knows more about Bey than I will in my entire life.

To show her ultimate devotion to the superstar, Raegan even had a Beyoncé-themed birthday party with her closest friends. It's honestly the cutest thing you'll see all day.

Raegan held a #RaeYonce birthday party and rocked Bey's Super Bowl halftime show "Formation" look.

The caption reads,

Raegans formation 3rd birthday party #RaeYonce picture by @bphotography713 of my daughter and her cousins , For her 3rd birthday we decided to give her a party called " slay with Rae : a formation party since she love Beyoncé ! where her and her cousins get their nails and toes done by a mobile spa and then dress up like Beyoncé and hit the runway !

LOOK AT HOW FIERCE THIS LITTLE GIRL IS. Beyoncé, you have to meet her.

Oh, just wait. It gets better.

Raegan's cousin even dressed up as Jay Z. MY HEART IS MELTING.

My daughters 3rd birthday party theme was beyonce cause she loves B, with my nephew as Jay Z — Mo City King (@Kingkeraun) May 27, 2016

I'm done, goodbye. There's too much cuteness for me to handle. Raegan, you're invited to my next birthday party for sure. Way to kill it, girl!

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