5 Ways The 'Better Call Saul' Premiere Lived Up To The Hype

Better Call Saul/Sony Pictures Television

For fans of "Breaking Bad," the news of AMC's spinoff, "Better Call Saul" was basically the best thing that could have happened to television.

Second to that, would be the rumors that Aaron Paul will make a cameo as Jesse Pinkman.

The first episode was unleashed on a busy night, with the Grammys taking place earlier, as well as "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere.

Nevertheless, "BCS" was met with rave reviews and will have many people coming back for more.

From its "Breaking Bad"-esque camera work, to the appearances of a couple of familiar characters, the first episode of "BCS" did not disappoint in the slightest.

Here are five ways this show has met all of its expectations:

1. The opening flash-forward sequence was all kinds of perfect.

We knew there had to be some kind of connection to the "Breaking Bad" series finale in the first episode of "BCS," we just didn't know how it was going to happen.

The first few minutes of the premiere, shot in black and white, showed Saul taking on a new identity after his involvement with Walter White.

It was clear he was in some kind of witness protection program, and his demeanor was entirely different from the character we have gotten to know.

Everything about this scene — from the details of the Cinnabon shop to the great expressions on the actors' faces -- was exactly what was needed to pull us into this new series.

2. Despite his shady behavior, we are totally rooting for Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman).

Once we got through the opening scene, we found ourselves getting to know Saul before he was Saul.

His name is Jimmy McGill, and we learn pretty quickly he is struggling financially. We feel bad for him, pitying his Tupperware-turned-refrigerator and his pathetic attempts at gaining clients.

When he decides to turn to the art of scamming, he enlists the help of two young skater dudes, and we can't help but be reminded of Jesse from "Breaking Bad" when we meet these guys.

Furthermore, even though we know Jimmy is behaving in a morally corrupt manner, we kind of want him to succeed.

We are totally rooting for this plan because we see how excited he is about it.

With that, Jimmy/Saul has joined the growing ranks of unlikeable protagonists we can't help but adore.

3. It's clear this show will bring a new depth to this character.

In "Breaking Bad," Saul was this quirky side character, often used for comedic relief. We didn't know a lot about his backstory, but we didn't need to.

He served the purpose of a foil to Walter's character, and was the soft hand to Mike's harsh one.

However, we're only one episode deep in "BCS" and we already know way more about this guy than we ever did in "Breaking Bad."

The relationship between Jimmy and his brother Chuck is a very telling one, and the conversation about crafting his own identity clearly is the catalyst for the birth of Saul Goodman.

Jimmy, as we've gotten to know him so far, is very different from the Saul we knew on "Breaking Bad."

It will be interesting to see his transformation into that character, and we've already begun to get a taste of it from his first scam idea.

4. "Better Call Saul" reprises the same great storytelling tactics as "Breaking Bad."

One of the things we loved about "Breaking Bad" was the structure of the episodes. We were often given information in bits and pieces, sometimes out of order.

The show would tease us with details, alerting us to the fact that something important was to come later.

"BCS" did this, as well, by telling this first story somewhat out of order. We see Jimmy tear up a check, not knowing who it was from, until he confronts the guys at the law firm.

The guys at the law firm mention "Chuck," whom we haven't met yet. When we meet the skater brothers early in the episode, it's not surprising they come back later.

This form of storytelling is appealing because it makes us think. We have to call upon previously learned facts and store away information for the future, knowing it will be important later.

5. Mike! Tuco!

Part of the excitement of the "BCS" premiere was the possibility of seeing characters from "Breaking Bad."

We all knew Mike would be making an appearance, both from the commercials that had previously aired, and from statements that had been released online.

The big surprise of the night was seeing Tuco at the end of the episode.

We all remember Tuco from the first two seasons of "Breaking Bad," and we had no idea he would play a role in Saul's spinoff.

Thanks to this plot twist, there's no doubt we'll all be tuning in tonight to see the second installment of "Better Call Saul."