Jonathan Bennett and George Krissa in 'The Holiday Sitter'
The Best LGBTQ+ Holiday Movies To Watch This Year

Let's make the yuletide gay.

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It’s holiday movie season, the special time of year when every love story comes with a snowy setting, cozy sweaters, and (usually, hopefully) a happily ever after — ‘tis the season, after all. And these days, the season is looking more and more inclusive. Historically, holiday movie romances have focused mostly on straight couples and only straight couples. But that’s not the case anymore, and these LGBTQ+ holiday movies are here to prove it.

Cable channels like Lifetime and Hallmark have been churning out comforting holiday movies for years, but only recently have they started to include LGBTQ+ couples in them. That’s in part thanks to a big push from fans who fought for greater diversity in holiday movies. The world of holiday movies has also grown, with streamers like Netflix and Hulu getting in the mix. So, there are more LGBTQ+ holiday movies than ever before, showing many different kinds of holly jolly love stories. With a mix of newly released movies and past films that have already become classics, this list has a little something for everybody. So make a big cup of hot cocoa, throw on your favorite wintry pride gear, and settle in for the perfect LGBTQ+ holiday movie marathon.


The Holiday Sitter

While Hallmark has featured some LGBTQ+ characters in its Christmas movies before, The Holiday Sitter marks the first time the channel has featured an LGBTQ+ couple in leading roles. Jonathan Bennett of Mean Girls fame stars in this movie about “a workaholic bachelor who babysits his niece and nephew before the holidays when his sister and her husband have to go out of town.” Of course, a handsome neighbor steps in to offer some help... and a little bit of romance, too. It premieres on Hallmark on Dec. 11, 2022.


Merry & Gay

Indie filmmakers are leading the way when it comes to LGBTQ+ holiday movies, and this one is a perfect example. Merry & Gay, which is available on VOD on Dec. 1, 2022, is filled with fun fom-com tropes. A Broadway star returns to her hometown, and her mom conspires to set her up with her high school sweetheart.


Make The Yuletide Gay

Another movie title with an LGBTQ+ Christmas pun, Make the Yuletide Gay, actually dates back to 2009. In the indie flick, a gay college student navigates coming out to his parents when he comes home for the holidays.


A New York Christmas Wedding


Bisexual people aren’t represented as often as other members of the LGBTQ+ community, but 2020’s A New York Christmas Wedding is here to help remedy that. After bailing on her over-the-top wedding, a woman gets a second chance at love with her high school best friend. You can check this one out on Netflix.


Single All The Way

Single All the Way made a big splash when it premiered on Netflix in 2021. The movie stars Michael Urie in an LGBTQ+ twist on a fake-dating story. Plus, it’s got Jennifer Coolidge, who is the truly the hilarious cherry atop this holiday movie sundae.


Under The Christmas Tree

Lifetime is the home for this 2021 holiday movie, which features two women in an enemies-to-lovers romance. The holiday vibes are high, since the major conflict of this one surrounds the perfect Christmas tree. Plus, there’s some Christmas magic in the form of fairy dust.


Happiest Season

Hulu/Lacey Terrell

Hulu joined the world of LGBTQ+ holiday movies with 2020’s Happiest Season. Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis star in this very sapphic rom-com about a woman who wants to propose to her girlfriend, only to discover her girlfriend isn’t even out to her family. Aubrey Plaza also stars in the movie, creating a love triangle for some added tension.


Seasons Of Love

If you’re a fan of Love, Actually, then you’ll love this 2019 holiday romance. Just like Love, Actually, this movie follows a bunch of love stories throughout the holiday season. Unlike Love, Actually, this movie follows three sapphic love stories.


The Christmas Setup

Fran Drescher stars in this 2020 Lifetime movie as a mom trying to set her son up with his high school crush. Drescher’s character practically runs Christmas in the town, and the pressure is on to create the perfect Christmas romance.


Let It Snow

Netflix’s 2019 YA holiday movie features a web of lots of romances, but at the center is a love story between two girls. Anna Akana and Liv Hewson play two characters who fall in love as one navigates coming out to her friends. The movie also features an unforgettable party scene in a Waffle House that’s definitely worthy of a watch.

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