This One Line From Beric On 'GOT' Proves Jon Snow Is So Oblivious To His Parentage

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. One of the reasons that the episode "Beyond The Wall" was so delightful was that, after several seasons of getting away from it, the show finally got back to one of it's core strengths: pairing up disparate characters on a road trip and having them conversate until they become fast friends. We saw it with Jon and Jorah and the Longclaw exchange, Gendry and the Brotherhood, Tormund and the Hound. But the Jon Snow "Targaryen clue" from Beric might have been the most awesome, yet biggest throwaway we saw on the trip.

In truth, that's not even what the conversation was about that Beric and Jon were having. Instead we learned that Tormund had been speaking out of turn, and apparently revealed to Beric that Jon had his own resurrection experience with the R'hllor's priests (Or in this case, priestess.)

While Jon Snow has been trying to keep this quiet, Beric doesn't see it as anything to be ashamed of and cheerfully admits he's been resurrected six times. (Jon's face is more than a little startled. He'd probably be more so if he realized that Beric and Thoros have basically been abusing it.)


But it's the opening gambit where Beric gets Jon comfortable before talking about resurrection that made fans prick up their ears. "You don't look much like him... your father." ORLY. Of course, Beric shrugs this off, saying, "I suppose you favor your mother."

WELL, ACTUALLY... he does. Favor Lyanna Stark, that is. And blessedly good thing, too. Do you think Ned Stark would have been able to keep him safe and sound if Jon Snow had wound up sporting a silver mane like Dany's? Or deep purple eyes? The entire conceit was that he was Ned's bastard so that Robert wouldn't ask questions about him. (After all, Robert sired bastards all the time. Wouldn't think twice that Ned had one, despite it being 110 percent against Ned's code of conduct.)


Anyway, Jon doesn't seem to really register the fact that he doesn't look like Ned, he's known that all his life. And he has no idea what he mother looked like, so he's probably always assume he just took after her.

Soon enough though, between Gilly's readings, Bran's visions, and the end of the story coming, someone is going to clue Jon in to his true parentage. When they do, do you think Jon will think back to moments like these?