Did This Character Actually Die On 'Game Of Thrones'? All Signs Point To Yes

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. I don't know which part was harder: that one of Dany's dragons just died, because she was waiting for Jon Snow to get to Drogon, or that she had to leave Jon Snow behind because she couldn't risk staying a second longer. For the second time in two years, as Jon slipped under the water, we asked: Is Jon Snow dead? No, thankfully not, but his rescue left us with another question: Is Benjen dead on Game of Thrones?

Yes, Benjen! He rode in out of nowhere, somehow, impossibly, as Jon Snow pulled himself out of the water. The wights turned back, realizing there was still one more to kill, but before they could take Jon down, there was Uncle half-dead Benjen, on his hilariously half-dead horse, riding through like an avenging angel, swinging that lantern on a chain, smashing the wights as he passed.

Unlike Bran, who has known about Benjen being half alive beyond the Wall, this is the moment Jon's been waiting for since Season 1 -- to see his uncle again. But there's no time for pleasantries, hugs, I missed yous, or explanations. The wights are here, and Jon needs to stop being here with them.


Benjen does the only thing he can: he sacrifices himself to the wights so that Jon can get away. He throws his nephew on the back of the half-dead horse and tells him to go. Jon doesn't even get a chance to say goodbye. Again.


Now, most people say that if you don't see the death up close, it didn't happen. But this season has been the exception to that rule. After all, we don't need to see Benjen torn to shreds, the way we saw Hodor go.

He's been half-dead anyway, waiting for the reason for his continued existence to come. Like Beric said, we don't know why we're being kept alive, but it's for a purpose. The same is true of Benjen.


And we just saw that purpose: to save Jon in his hour of need. Rest in Peace Benjen Stark. Your work here is done.