Bella Hadid shared crying selfies on Instagram to express her mental health struggles.

Bella Got Brutally Honest About Her "Breakdowns" In A Series Of Crying Selfies

Willow Smith inspired her to get vulnerable.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 9, Bella Hadid shared a candid Instagram post in which she opened up about her ongoing battle with anxiety. The 25-year-old model said she was inspired to talk about her mental health after watching a Willow Smith interview where she admitted she sometimes feels not “good enough.” Bella tagged the singer in her post, writing, “I love you and your words. It made me feel a little less alone and that’s why I’d like to post this.” Bella was referring to her series of crying selfies, as well as her emotional message about her “breakdowns.”

Bella began her IG by quoting a part of Smith’s interview: “All humans are different, every single human has something so special and unique to offer. And people forget that everyone is basically feeling the same way: lost, confused, not really sure why they’re here. That anxiety, like, everyone is feeling that and trying to cover it up in some way.”

“This is pretty much my every day, every night for a few years now,” Bella wrote alongside several photos of her crying.

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She reminded fans that “social media is not real” and everyone is dealing with their own personal battles. “Sometimes all you’ve gotta hear is that you’re not alone. So from me to you, you’re not alone. I love you, I see you, and I hear you,” the star reassured her fans, adding that there’s always a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Self-help and mental illness/chemical imbalance are not linear and it is almost like a flowing rollercoaster of obstacles… it has its ups and downs, and side to sides. But... the rollercoaster always comes to a complete stop at some point,” she continued. “It took me a long time to get that in my mind, but I’ve had enough breakdowns and burnouts to know this: If you work hard enough on yourself, spending time alone to understand your traumas, triggers, joys, and routine, you will always be able to understand or learn more about your own pain and how to handle it. Which is all that you can ask of yourself.”

Read Bella’s full message on IG below.

Bella received countless replies from fans and celebrities thanking her for her vulnerability. “Your honesty and tenderness heals so many,” Smith said in response to her post. Bella’s sister, Gigi Hadid, wrote, “I love you!”

Despite her struggles, it seems like Bella has an amazing support system that will always have her back.