We Can Never Forget The Beauty Of Chuck Bass From 'Gossip Girl'

The CW

Who's your perfect fictional man?

Mr. Big from "Sex and the City"? Rhett Butler from "Gone With the Wind"? Christian Grey from "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

All great choices, but Chuck Bass from "Gossip Girl" tops them all. It's been over eight years since "Gossip Girl" first hit TV, and there is still no one who could possibly come close to the boy billionaire.

Yeah, he was drinking from a way-too-young age. He could be judgmental, close-minded and an overall assh*le.

Chuck was pretty much every other character's enemy at one point in the series. He may or may not have traded Blair Waldorf for a hotel... But none of that matters.

Chuck Bass, heir to Bass Industries, will always be the best part of "Gossip Girl."

In order to remember his pure perfection and beauty, check out the pictures below.

Or watch all six seasons of "Gossip Girl" on Netflix. Either works.

OK, so his early days weren't the best, but they were probably better than yours.

The haircut was bad; we just overlooked it.

We would never mock his scarf. It was his signature (at least in the first season).

No one else could pull off this look while playing basketball.

And WHO could forget this scene? The way he looked at Blair... We all want that.

Slowly, he began to transform into the Chuck no one, not even Blair, could resist.

His suits were always on point, flawless and perfectly put together.

Monkey was Chuck's best accessory, besides a bow tie.

Everything about his style screamed Chuck Bass.

The rain boots and the umbrella... It's too much but also amazing.

He literally crossed oceans to win Blair back.

Nothing was better than Chuck in a tuxedo.

Except Chuck in a perfectly tailored suit with a complementary pocket square.

Money, looks, style... He really had it all.

True, there could never be another Chuck Bass.

Never forget.