Bada Bing! The Best Tony Soprano Quotes Of All Time


As you all probably have heard by now, legendary actor James Gandolfini died on June 19th after suffering a major heart attack while on a trip to Italy with his son.

Gandolfini was best known for his role as New Jersey mafia boss Tony Soprano. Throughout the years, Tony Soprano kept us entertained every Sunday night with his crazy yet genius antics on HBO's most famous show of all time, "The Sopranos."

James Gandolfini will truly be missed and tons of people have already spoken on his tragic death. It's okay though, because Gandolfini will forever be immortalized through his roles in TV and movies.

I put together an epic list of the best quotes that have ever came out of the mouth of the don, Tony Soprano. This one's for you James... thanks for all the memories.


On surfing the 'net:

On mothers being bus drivers:

On respect:

On second chances:

On seeing the positive amidst all the negative:

On feelings:

On knowing what you want:

On following the rules:

On nostalgia:

On sympathy:

On romance:

On interventions: “

On always being prepared:

On putting on a brave face:

On getting in early:

On gifts:

On being the boss:

R.I.P. Tony Soprano

via EW, Photo Credit: WENN