'Bachelorette' Rachel's Sister Did Not Hold Back And Twitter Is Here For It

by Anna Menta

The second to last episode of Rachel Lindsay's The Bachelorette is here, and it did not disappoint, but it has us all asking: Who is Rachel Lindsay's sister?

This episode had everything: travel, romance, and of course, family drama.

Obviously, we had plenty of family drama last week too, with the hometown dates for the guys. (There was particular drama for poor Dean, who fought with his dad before getting the boot last week.)

But this week's it's the Lindsay's family turn, in particular, Rachel's mom and Rachel's sister, Constance.

Now normally in the second to last episode of The Bachelorette, the remaining men would do their overnight dates with Rachel, and then her family would come up for the final rose ceremony. But Rachel's sister Constance is 8 months pregnant, and can't travel, so instead Eric, Peter, and Bryan flew to Dallas to meet with the Lindsay family.

So who is Rachel Lindsay's older sister, Constance? (She also has a younger sister, named Heather, and a cousin named Andrea.)

Well, Constance is fairly quiet on social media publicly, but we know that Constance is a mom (and Rachel is an aunt) to three-year-old Allister.

Basically, Constance did not hold back her judgment or advice for any of these three guys, and fans on Twitter could not get enough it.

First up was Peter's turn with the Lindsay family. Constance seemed to like Peter, but she also warned Rachel to be cautious with him — especially since she already saw Rachel go through this already with Nick Viall.


Next came Eric — whom Constance was very suspicious of. In a one-on-one conversation with Eric, Constance confronted Eric about the fact that he's never been in love before. Eric tried to assure Constance that he is totally in love with Rachel now, he swears.

Still, Constance didn't waste time expressing her doubts to Rachel that he was "ready to get down on one knee."

Finally, there was Bryan. It was rocky from the get-go for Bryan and Rachel's family, and immediately Constance was on high alert. She accused him of not being genuine, and told him to his face it was hard to believe he really was in love with Rachel.

We already knew from Nick Viall's hometown date with Rachel on The Bachelor that Constance is very protective of her sister.

I'm sure Constance wasn't happy when Nick ended up voting Rachel off, so it makes sense that she's even more guarded with Eric, Peter, and Bryan.

If any of you have an older sister, you know how vital it is that she approves of the person you're dating. So if I was Bryan, I'd be pretty nervous right about now. Just saying!