Every Last Detail You Want To Know About 'Bachelorette' Rachel Before The Final Rose

by Anna Menta
ABC/Randy Sager

Well, Bachelor Nation, somehow we're down to just two more episodes of Rachel Lindsay's The Bachelorette. Time sure flies when you're humiliating grown men.

Now in Week 9, Rachel only has three men left to choose from: Eric, Peter, and Bryan.

ABC/Rodrigo Varela

Now normally at this point in The Bachelorette, the boys would head into overnights with Rachel. However, things are a little different this season, so instead Eric, Peter, Bryan flew out to meet with Rachel's family.

Where does Rachel Lindsay and her family live, exactly? Well, we know it's somewhere in Dallas. But the exact location of their family home is something we don't — and probably never will — know for sure.

The reason for this is because Rachel's father, Mr. Lindsay, is a federal judge. So, not only will we not be seeing the Lindsay's real home, but we also won't be seeing Rachel's dad at all.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in May, Chris Harrison explained why we'd never see Rachel's dad on camera, saying,

With his job and what he does, he just can't. He was a big part of the show but off-camera. It kind of changed things; we had to do some things in Dallas and kind of switch things around a little bit because he plays such a big part in her life and family's such a big part — we wanted to include that even if we couldn't show some of it on television.

We will however, be seeing Rachel's mom and Rachel's sister, who according to the promo, already have some strong opinions on Rachel's suitors.

And in case you're wondering — no, that house you see on camera is not the Lindsay's real house. It's a house that is currently up for sale in a Dallas neighborhood called Highland Park.

Don't forget that Rachel herself is a lawyer at a law firm in Dallas. It's a very legal family, so there's plenty of reasons to keep their real living situation on the DL.

Now let's get ready for some fake family drama in a fake family home! The Bachelorette airs this Monday, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.