What 'Bachelorette' Contestants' Zodiac Signs Say About Their Shot With Rachel


Another season of "The Bachelorette" is upon us and I, for one, am thrilled.

However, once again, ABC has absolutely failed to list the zodiac signs of all the contestants on their site, so I have done hours of Instagram stalking and contacting to find out the signs of everyone I could.

Here are the zodiac signs of every "Bachelorette" contestant I could find on the internet, or of those who miraculously got back to me after I slid into their DMs, like the hard-hitting journalist I am.

There are still many I have to find, but given the info I have, here's what I can predict about this season of "The Bachelorette," based on the zodiac signs of these major players.

Rachel Lindsay: Taurus

Rachel Lindsay's birthday is April 21, making her a Taurus.

However, the cutoff between Aries and Taurus is April 19, so she has plenty of Aries qualities to her personality, making her a little more impulsive than a regular Taurus would be. Aries are extremely led by their emotions, while Taurus is led by their need for security.

We already saw in Week 2 last night that she is a no-nonsense boss bitch when it comes to keeping those men in line. When DeMario got caught by his either current girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, Rachel wasted no time in sending him home.

If there is one gift a Taurus has, it is the ability to sense and see through bullshit. They are grounded AF, and as Rachel said last night, they are not here to be played.

Taurus needs a partner who is dependable, stable, protective, and loyal. They are possessive of their partners, not to be confused with jealous.

Jealousy involves suspiciousness, and a Taurus would never allow someone in their life they were suspicious of in the first place. They are far too reasonable for that.

Wha-boom: Gemini

We're all shocked he's still on the show, because based on what we've seen of Lucas Yancey, aka "Wha-boom," he's proof of natural selection in the dating world. Nobody would think to ask Lucas, "HOW are you still single??"

I found out Lucas' sign because he was thoughtful enough to include it in the bio of his IMDB page. (I do not understand why he needs an IMDB page.)

Right off the bat, I can recognize some of the more... ahem.. problematic Gemini qualities in him. He already seems to have displayed an inability to stay on-topic for more than a few moments at a time.

He has a desire to be the life of the party, but hasn't exactly put the time into figuring out how to be more interesting as a person and instead relies on a catch-phrase.

Gemini's dual personality natures make it difficult for them to take the time to truly reflect on themselves, leading to a lack of self-awareness in social situations. It's also difficult for them to sometimes develop that deep soul connection with others, and instead keep their relationships surface-y and flirtatious.

I don't see this panning out long-term. Rachel is not gonna suffer, thankfully. Until it's over, let's all just take deep breaths.

Kenny King: Cancer/Leo Cusp

Astrologically speaking, Kenny and Rachel are incredibly compatible. Kenny is right on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, giving him a combination of the qualities of both signs and making him sensitive, caring, kind, and proud.

Rachel is somewhat close to the cusp of Aries and Taurus. This makes for a combination of water and earth (sensitivity and logic) represented by Cancer and Taurus, balanced by fire (passion and self expression) represented by the signs of Leo and Aries.

Given that Rachel is a Taurus, she'll respect the relationship that Kenny has with his daughter, and with his sign in Cancer, he'll respect her desire to build a family with him as well.

I feel like this relationship could be incredibly powerful, although if Kenny's moods interfere too early in the relationship, or his pride gets in his own way, she'll probably send him packing.

Lee Garrett: Leo

Lee Garrett, the singer/songwriter from Nashville, was in-his-element in front of the cameras while serenading Rachel when he got out of the limo. It was obvious from the beginning that he has the Leo gift for being in the spotlight.

He was also nice enough to message me back when I slid into his DMs on Twitter, so I got his birthday straight from the source. Lee was born August 1, making him a classic Leo.

He's an outspoken person, and clearly spends a lot of time on his hair, not to mention has that Leo ability to charm you. But judging by the previews of the season, he might be playing the villain later on... and if that's true, we can plan on him being a VERY entertaining one.

Leos are grandiose in everything they do, so if Lee is gonna be playing this season's villain, he'll embrace it fully and enjoy himself in the process.

It'll drive us all crazy because when he's with Rachel, he'll be skillfully charming, romantic and dreamy AF. It's the Leo way -- not to mention Taurus and Leo share an incredible sexual compatibility that it'll be hard for her to see past.

Overall, it seems like Rachel has chosen a lot of strong personalities, so if being upfront is what she wanted, she's sure to get it. I can guarantee that much.

I'll continue to add to this as different men take the lead for Rachel's heart, and I assure you, more of them will. As of right now, my prediction (and if I'm being honest, my hope) is that Kenny and Rachel end up together.

They seem to be a perfect match, astrologically speaking.